Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mexico is in the first place to international scale in the school harassment cases number ("bullying") in secondary level.

In Mexico 7 of each 10 children and youths have suffered bullying in some phase of their school life.
According to the accusations received the 60% are attacking women.
190 cases of suicide in the Federal District by bullying in the 2009.
The 57% of the polled they say that damage does them more what the others they say of them, because of it the bullying verbal affects seriously.
The 36,7% of the polled they say that the students to should put an end to the bullying against the 12% that says that are the teachers who should do it.
The 89,4% of the polled they say that to value you to you same protects you of the bullying. *Source: Foundation in Movement, TO.C.
The 86,2% of the polled they say that the violent caricatures cause they are you violent.
The 27% of the students they consider that the patio without teacher is the place where more bullying occurs and in second place with 26% the parlor without teacher.

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