Monday, November 5, 2012


A boy/ girl that is suffering bullying surely already knows it, although the surest thing is that have counted nothing to nobody.  

This occurs because they feel shame and itself do not they dare to count it to him/her to its environment for which this can think of him. Nevertheless, there are different symptoms that all we can observe and that can help us to identify it in other people to be able to offer them our aid. 

These symptoms are:

Changes in the state of spirit, that in most cases they are presented like sadness Isolation of their environment Anxiety, which reflects themselves in fears, tics nervous, irritability and even regressive conducts as to be done pis in the bed are used to being absent minded, as absent, forgetful, etc.  
They pretend illnesses or inconveniences for go not to the school present bruises, blows or injuries lack to the school and do not give coherent explanations.
They do not have friends 
Their school performance begins to diminish
They have feelings of guilt 
They present drop self-esteem and even depression

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